USAF Releases Broad Agency Announcement

Global Circuit Innovations (GCI) is pleased to announce that the USAF has released a Broad Agency announcement for GCI’s Die Extraction and Repackaging (DER) proposal, which provides a quick reaction and low-cost readiness approach, designed to resolve up to 25 Integrated Circuit (IC) obsolescence issues that contribute to, or are solely responsible for, existing and future Mission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts (MICAP) events. GCI works with the Original Component Manufacturer’s Field Application Engineers to identify the best device option of franchised bare die inventory or extracted die to repackage and qualify in the desired package footprint.

Ed Odette, GCI VP Business Development stated that “the Rapid Innovation Funding (RIF) covers the cost for development and qualification testing for approved candidate parts. The USAF and GCI are seeking obsolete IC parts across DoD programs that are affecting production and sustainment for DoD weapon systems. The USAF and GCI have also approached the DMSMS committee to propose hosting a panel at the November DMSMS 2017 conference in Orlando to identify additional programs, processes, parts, and cost savings/avoidance by providing an alternative to redesign”.