Obsolescence is a big deal

Electronics obsolescence is common in sectors such as Defense, where equipment has long lead times and needs to be supported for many decades. It’s not unusual that 70-80% of the electronic components are obsolete before the system has been deployed.

GCI is a solutions provider

GCI designs, develops, and manufactures form, fit, and function drop-in replacement electronics that can be seamlessly integrated into a larger electronics system as required. The replacement electronic components work identically to the original obsolete components.

GCI CCA solution for obsolete Power Monitor, Maverick Missle Test Box

Supporting Legacy Systems

GCI’s engineering team has decades of experience designing electronics. Our proprietary and proven technologies provide the building blocks to engineer custom electronic solutions based upon the customer needs and requirements.

These drop-in replacement solutions for obsolete CCAs and microcircuits improve DoD system readiness, solving the DMSMS issues associated with lifecycle sustainment.

Combating Counterfeits

GCI only uses components from authorized, franchised distributors with full traceability. This removes any possibility of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain with GCI’s solutions. Memories and FPGAs, particularly the obsolete families, are some of the commonly identified counterfeits for military customers as reported through GIDEP.

GCI’s strict adherence to franchised suppliers eliminates this risk.

XILINX XC4013 FPGA Open Cavity